Our team leaders are some of the most dedicated, caring, and nurturing individuals you will ever meet. They are passionate about teaching, happy to be at school, and share a deep respect for each child. Every day, students are welcomed with a smile and a warm hello. Staff members are all accredited, bringing a valued level of professionalism to education and learning. They are constantly creating new experiences and well-designed activities within age level-appropriateness to appeal to each child. Lesson planning is a collaboration between our staff and educational director, always designed with the children’s interests at heart. Our team is enthusiastic about celebrating individuality, unique personalities, and each child is treated with kindness and enthusiasm! Teachers are committed to all students from all backgrounds, to offer the best experience translated beyond the classroom.

Chana Raichik

Mrs. Raichik studied at Beth Rivka Seminaries in Israel and in the U.S. where she  received her teaching degree in 1986. She has been sharing her wealth of knowledge and experience as a Hebrew School principal and preschool teacher for the last 30 years. She now brings her expertise and ability to connect with every child to the Simcha Preschool.