Simcha Preschool Curriculum

Jewish Life & Values
Sharing the Joy, Happiness and Love of Judaism. At our preschool teaching Jewish culture, language, holidays, and morals is through songs, stories, cooking, and crafts. Shabbat is celebrated each week with Challah Baking and a Shabbat Party in an atmosphere of joyful togetherness and sharing.



In the Simcha Preschool our students discover the world around them using engaging and interactive experiments. They explore the fascinating wonders of nature and see how science helps them to a better understanding of the world they live in.



The young students will learn to recognize shapes and patterns. They will learn numbers and measurements and use them in discovering mathematical relationships for materials and persons.



Through storytelling, listening and reading the children will come to recognize words and letters and most importantly develop a love for books. Special well lit, dedicated reading areas throughout the Simcha Center will be stocked with books, displays and materials.


Social and Emotional Development
The children will feel comfortable and happy in the friendly social environment of the Simcha Preschool, making friends with their peers. They will be encouraged to communicate their feelings, needs and ideas in a healthy and acceptable manner, gaining confidence to express their ideas. Working in small and large groups they will discover collaboration and cooperation