Our Philosophy in Preschool and Childcare

We offer a creative, progressive, Reggio-inspired Jewish environment. We believe
that children learn best through teacher-supported play and creative open-ended activities.

Children are encouraged to explore their world in a thoughtfully planned setting and in a natural and aesthetically pleasing environment.  

Children practice skills of collaboration, communication and cooperation.

We look forward to sharing in the joys of your child’s early years, and to learning and growing together.
Our Goals
At The Simcha Center Preschool our aim is:
1. To nourish your child’s heart and mind as we develop cognitive, social, emotional and physical skills.
2. To encourage self-confidence and individuality by helping young children enhance their learning and socializing abilities.
3. To foster enthusiasm and responsibility for learning in each student.
4. To encourage each child’s natural creativity and curiosity.
5. To provide a curriculum geared to the different and developing interests of each child.
6. To provide a setting rich in materials and resources, a caring and highly qualified staff, a developmentally-appropriate program, and activities that are both teacher-guided and child-initiated.
7. To provide rich and meaningful Jewish content, including education about Jewish holidays, music, traditions and the Hebrew alphabet and language.
8. To communicate to parents the philosophy, goals and program of The Simcha Center preschool and to provide opportunities for parent involvement and education.
9. To enrich school experiences by using community resources and outside professionals in the field of early childhood education.

Our Vision
Inspired by the Reggio Emilia Approach, we will provide our young learners with a lifelong quest and love for learning, innovation, and tools for thinking way out of the box. We will combine this approach with a developmentally appropriate curriculum that is taught in a hands-on and creative way utilizing natural materials and incorporating Jewish ideals and culture.
We believe every child is unique, with his or her own interests and learning styles. We will give children the opportunity to interact in a meaningful environment where they can construct new ideas, learn to think, reason, question, problem-solve, and experiment, as they discover who they are and the world around them.

In the Simcha Preschool our students will discover the world around them using engaging and interactive experiments. They will explore the fascinating wonders of nature and will learn to recognize shapes and patterns through the world around them. Through storytelling, listening and reading the children will come to recognize words and letters and most
importantly develop a love for books. Special well lit, dedicated reading areas throughout the Simcha Center will be stocked with books, displays and materials.